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Put your money where your values are!

It's rare today to find a way to invest your money that you can feel confident in--a way that will further your values, strengthen your community, and genuinely make your world a better place to live.  Investing in Terre Foods Cooperative Market does this.  By becoming a member-owner of the store today, you are creating a brighter future for your community tomorrow.  Opening Terre Foods Cooperative Market in 12 Points Terre Haute will:

  • create a member-owned store that carries products you want--local, organic and natural foods and household products, and bulk dry goods;
  • give you an enjoyable shopping experience, where you will know where your food is coming from and look forward to shopping in the store;
  • allow you to trust the food you buy, and the people who sell it to you;  you can have confidence that the owners of the store have your best interests at heart, because you and your fellow community members are the owners;
  • strengthen the local community directly by increasing business to the 12 Points area;
  • strengthen the local economy indirectly by keeping our money within our own community, rather than sending it out of the community as dividends for far-off stockholders or profits for international corporations;
  • give residents of the 12 Points area easier access to wholesome, whole foods without having to travel across town to get them;
  • create a stronger, more self-reliant community by providing a real income for small and medium-sized local farmers, and encouraging more of our young people to pursue careers in farming;
  • protect the environment by providing products that are farmed or manufactured in an environmentally responsible fashion. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Membership

What is a cooperative? How is it different from other businesses?

  • A retail co-op is a business owned by a large number of community members and it will operate for the benefit of its members, to meet their mutual needs.
  • All member-owners have equal voting rights: one member, one vote.
  • Member-owners may enjoy benefits such as patronage refunds based on how much they use the cooperative, rather than how much equity they own.
  • Even though it differs in some ways Terre Foods Co-op will be very much like a typical grocery store, in that it will be open to everyone, even non-members.

Why should I become a member-owner of the co-op if I don’t have to be a member to shop there?
Without member-owners our co-op won’t become a reality! If you care about the goals and mission of Terre Foods we need your support. The core of a cooperative business is member-ownership. With your membership, this will be your market.

But Terre Foods isn’t open yet. Can I wait to become a member-owner when the store opens?
We need your member-owner equity share now, before the store opens. Your member-owner equity will help provide key capital necessary to open Terre Foods.  Strong member support also demonstrates to potential lenders that there is community interest and existing financial support for a cooperative market.

As a member-owner will I be required to work or have a hand in the day-to-day operations of store?
No. Your role as a member-owner will be to vote on open ballot issues and to vote for the board of directors of Terre Foods. As a member-owner you will also be eligible to run for the board, but your most important role and, perhaps, the easiest and most pleasurable will be supporting the co-op by shopping there.

In addition to supporting a local co-op market, are there other benefits to becoming a member-owner?
Yes! From the time you begin investing your share, you will qualify for the following benefits as a member-
owner of Terre Foods:

  • A voice in Terre Foods and eligibility to serve on the board of directors
  • Reduced prices on member appreciation days
  • Member-only discounts on special items
  • Reduced rates on classes and workshops
  • Discounts on bulk orders
  • Free member-owner newsletter
  • Free advertisement space in the newsletter
  • Potential patronage refunds--annual refunds of co-op profits based on how much a member uses the co-op

Even though we don’t yet have a storefront, benefits such as voting rights, board eligibility, and workshop discounts start right away!

Does every adult in my household need to become a member-owner to realize the benefits?
No. Member-ownerships will be household-based, as this is how food purchases are usually made.  One membership per household is all that’s necessary.  Each adult can become a member-owner individually, if desired. In that case, each will have his/her own vote and ensure that we will be able to open our doors that much sooner!

If I move away can I redeem my member-owner equity share in Terre Foods?
Yes, however your equity will be redeemed based on the current value of assets, liabilities, and number of active members of Terre Foods, limited up to the original amount that was paid. Check out our bylaws for more details.

How much is an equity share?  Do you have payment plans?
An equity share in the co-op is $200.  There are no monthly or annual fees or upkeep for your share -- once you pay, you are an owner of the co-op.  We have several payment options available.  We do not want the cost of membership to stand in the way of anyone becoming a member; so if cost is a concern and the listed payment options do not work for you, contact us and we'll find a way to make it work!

I want to help make Terre Foods Cooperative Market a reality. How do I become a member-owner?
There are two easy steps:

                        Help us bring Terre Foods Cooperative Market to Terre Haute

               for the benefit of our local growers, our local economy, and ourselves.

        Let’s make our vision of community access to organic and locally grown foods

                                                and products a reality!

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