About Us
  • Terre Foods Cooperative Market is a member-owned, whole foods grocery store forming in Terre Haute, Indiana. The idea behind a cooperative model is member ownership. This means that if you become a member of Terre Foods, you become a part owner of the market, and have a say in how the market is operated. 
  • At Terre Foods, we hope to foster a greater sense of community by selling produce and handmade goods from local farmers and craftspeople, providing a space for the public to gather, and by promoting the overall wellbeing of our community.   
  • Terre Foods is currently operated by a board of member-owners who share a vision for sustainable community development. Board members come from a variety of diverse backgrounds, and work in various capacities to promote, expand and build the co-op. 
  • In April, 2021, a building was bought as the physical space for Terre Foods, but it needs serious de-construction, renovation and more before it can open as a store. Member-owners are doing initial de-construction but licensed contractors will need to be hired and paid to complete the work. The best way to help move the co-op forward is by becoming a member or, if you have already joined, by spreading the word about Terre Foods. Want to get involved further? Consider joining one of our committees! 


Our Committees

Terre Foods currently has five committees in operation.  The committees will change over time, and we’ll certainly be adding more of them as we make progress. We had a good response of people volunteering to work on various committees, for which we are very grateful, and we can always use more folks! Right now we have four committees to pursue our most immediate goals:

  • Steering Committee: This is the committee formerly known as "the Planning Group”. The Steering Committee’s job is essentially a choreographer. It makes sure that the various committees are not stepping on each other’s toes, that everyone is working together effectively, and that the desires of the Board and the Membership are being communicated and executed effectively. [NOTE: THIS COMMITTEE IS CURRENTLY NOT ACTIVE]
  • Membership:  This committee is charged with bringing in membership; keeping the members informed about store progress; and, maintaining TFCM Membership lists.
  • Community Outreach: This committee is tasked with various aspects of public education and organizing large scale cooperative events.  
  • Communications:  This committee attends to publicizing events and keeping up community awareness of TFCM. Some members post on social media {Facebook, Instagram} and assist with this website
  • Providers: works with vendors and business-owner-members

We also have an ever-growing list of interested individuals who want to be kept up-to-date on the planning and work done to create the Co-op.  This group is not a part of the core planning group, but is ready when able to participate in discussions and occasionally volunteer their time and skills to helping us make the Co-op a reality.

To request information about any of the above committees, please email us at:  [email protected].


 Updated June 2022


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