Mission & Goals

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Mission statement

The mission of the Terre Foods Co-op is to provide the Terre Haute community access to organic and natural foods and products at fair value. Priority will be given to locally grown foods and handmade products. As a member-owned market, we are committed to serving the needs of the community while using ethical and sustainable business practices. We want to encourage the development of a local food system in cooperation with small farmers and businesses in order to sustain and invigorate our regional economy. (Adopted Nov. 2, 2007)

Vision Statement

Our vision of the Terre Foods Co-op is to enrich our community by providing access to healthy, local foods at fair value while building a network of local providers. We endeavor to promote community well-being, environmental stewardship, and economic sustainability through cooperation. (Adopted Nov. 2, 2007)

Goal Statement

Our goals are to provide the following:

• Organic and local food and natural household products
• Bulk spices and grain
• Storefront for easy access to these goods
• A place for the community to gather
• Education and resources about eating locally and naturally

A co-op is:

• open to everyone, even non-members
• owned and controlled by its members
• for the benefit of its members, to meet their mutual needs

The core of a cooperative business is member-ownership — with your membership, this will be your market.

Cooperatives are growing in popularity throughout Indiana. Help us bring a co-op to Terre Haute, for the benefit of our local growers, our local economy, and ourselves!

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