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About the Board:

The Terre Foods Board of Directors has opted to pursue a model called "policy governance" for the purposes of leading the Terre Foods Cooperative Market.  The hallmark of policy governance is to make a strong division between the domains of day-to-day operations, and the overall ends and goals of the cooperative.  The domain of the Board is to determine the overall goals, to create policies that reflect these goals, and then to ensure that these goals are appropriate, and are being met.  The domain of Operations is to implement the policies created by the Board, and then report on the success of these implementations.  Operations will be headed by a General Manager, who will be in charge of all cooperative Staff. 

The General Manager will report to the Board. Until a GM is hired, the Steering Committee takes the role of Operations.  Upon hiring a GM, the Steering Committee will take on a subsidiary role to the GM and will, eventually, become defunct as staffing is hired to fill the role.

Most of the members of the Board are also on the Steering Committee although the roles are distinct, and there are several people on the Steering Committee who are not on the Board.  In addition to our Board and Steering Committee, TFCM has several area committees:

  • Membership:  recruiting and maintenance of TFCM Membership lists
  • Community Outreach:  organizing and developing events for TFCM members and Terre Haute Community
  • Communication:  publicizing events and keeping community awareness of TFCM


Board of Directors 2022-2023

  • Jim Speer, President
  • John McSweeney, Vice President
  • Charles Eversole, Treasurer (ex-officio)
  • Hermanus Carson
  • Courtney Dosch
  • Marsha Miller
  • Barbara Eversole
  • Angi Hansel
  • Chris Blunk



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