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          COUNTDOWN TO CO-OP!The early days of Terre Foods Co-op

This is our Countdown to Co-op!  Terre Foods Cooperative Market is embarking on another membership drive to run through 2016.  Our goal now is 800 members! Getting to 800 will bring our store opening in mid-late 2017 closer to fruition. Surpassing our last goal of 600 members is allowing us to seek financing and talk with realtors about several downtown properties. Soon you should be seeing a lot more from Terre Foods in the media and hearing about us around town!

So how can you help? BECOME AN OWNER!  Spread the word!  

Because of the incredible groundwork that Terre Foods has already laid, Terre Foods has been listed as one of the top 10 co-op start-ups in the nation out of over 300 start-ups nationwide by the Food Co-op Initiative -- the national organization for food cooperative start-ups.  As a member of the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Terre Haute, and Better Health Wabash Valley, Terre Foods is continuously reaching out and discussing the positive impact our organization can make in the health of our community.


Terre Foods canvas tote bag

Let's make our Co-op a reality!

Are you thinking about joining, and wondering what benefits there are to becoming a member now? Check out this great Owner Benefits Page!

Are you a current owner and need some help starting the conversation with friends & family? Request a toolkit with conversation starters, FAQs, membership forms, and some great incentives for joining now.



Each member brings this wonderful store one step closer to reality!

Every member counts!

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